Your Mom Deserves the Gift of Sanctuary

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You may be tempted to buy mom flowers or new PJs, or maybe add to that collection of tchotchkes that she honestly may (or may not) love, but what most women relish are experiences, not things. Something that will fill her senses and leave her with memories of what her loved ones have done for her.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to pull out all the stops and give her a few hours of pampering!

I promise, she’ll love to receive a gift certificate from her favorite spa. Why?  Because you can spend the day spoiling her with breakfast in bed followed by a day of activities she’ll enjoy with the family. But then, she’ll also have the anticipation of the gift of Sanctuary.  Literally, a sanctuary,  where she can get away from her everyday life and be pampered; where she can replenish her reserves and be ready to take on her many responsibilities with a renewed sense of wellbeing, looking and feeling fantastic. 

Why not jump online right now and choose a personalized gift certificate that you can print and tuck into a card or a little gift box without ever having to leave home?  Or, stop into the spa and choose something from our boutique in addition to the gift card for a truly sensational gift that she’ll treasure.

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