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Amid growing concerns of the Coronavirus outbreak, Governor Carney has mandated that ‘health spas’ are one of the businesses required to close.  To clarify, a health spa is one that offers more than one type of personal service, and Sanctuary Spa falls into that category.

The health and wellbeing of our clients, team, and community is our top priority. Accordingly, and in compliance with state and federal guidelines, and to minimize the chance that any of us, or any of you might become ill, effective March 19, 2020, our spa will be temporarily closed to the public until further notice.

What we are doing:

Sanctuary Spa has always and will continue to follow the highest level of OSHA sanitization guidelines using hospital-grade disinfectants on all nonporous surfaces and implements, and disposable, one-per-client implements when available. Each of our team members is certified in, and practices, proper sanitation, and disinfection procedures.

What you can do:  

Don’t panic.  This is a stressful time for sure, but by taking the recommended precautions and using commonsense, we can help minimize the spread of this virus.

Take self-care seriously.  By keeping yourself healthy with proper sleep, good eating habits, taking walks and getting fresh air, and practicing meditation and/or prayer, your immune system will be better equipped to protect your body and fight off the virus should you come into contact with someone who is infected.

Additional resources

I have trusted colleagues and friends who are offering guidance during this time that I highly recommend should you find yourself in need of help.

Liz Brown of BeWell Life Coaching is making herself available for a 10-minute phone call at no charge to share coping skills that will empower you to effectively navigate through the specific challenges you may be facing.

Thanks to the leadership of Jim Power, Huntington Learning Center (34 Liberty Plaza, Kirkwood… is here to SERVE you. Huntingdon Tutoring Newark will keep your child ready and prepared when school opens again.  While schools are closed, this is an excellent time for your child (elementary – college) to get caught up so they will be better prepared once school resumes. Only 10 people (teachers/students) will be in the center at one time.

Second Chances Farm will deliver to your home fresh produce for less than $25 per week

Second Chances Farm is offering, for a limited time, a Farm-to-Table package of freshly harvested, locally grown produce and herbs that they will deliver to your home (in some cases to your office) for the next four weeks for less than $25 per week, or $99.95 per month.  This opportunity is only good for residents of New Castle County (above the C&D Canal) and just across the Pennsylvania state line for the first 200 people who sign up here.  Learn more about Second Chances Farm’s mission and their Farm-to-Table program here: 

As some businesses have been ordered to close there will no doubt be financial difficulty for many.  Earl Jeter of Jeter & Company is available to answer any financial or tax-related questions you may have.

Dan Butler of Butler Financial has offered this advice concerning investments in the stock market and is available to help with any investment questions or concerns.

Small business owners are invited to visit CrossTalks, a Christian CEO Peer Advisory Group open to any business owner from any background and faith. Cross Talks is an entrepreneurial organization with Christian values that supports business owners on the cusp of growth.

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