The “Why” Behind the Spa

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 After investing seven years building a skincare and massage business at an award-winning nail salon, Sanctuary Spa was born in January of 2003. I was inspired by my passion for nurturing others, as well as my discovery of the many benefits of spa treatments.

  My dream became to make Sanctuary Delaware’s first dedicated day spa; a tranquil retreat from the stresses of daily life. Sanctuary Spa was born out of my own experiences with spa treatments in other salons. Like most women, I wear many hats: wife, mother, business owner, and volunteer. So I appreciate and believe in the necessity of bringing balance to one’s life with self-care through the healing power of touch. However, when I took the time to schedule an appointment, I was often intimidated when visiting the upscale salons that offered spa services; as if I didn’t belong to their required class of clientele. Those less than stellar experiences led to an ‘a-ha’ moment. I wanted to create a beautifully appointed spa offering world-class services.  It would be a safe space, a haven, free of judgment and preconceived ideas of who might be allowed to attend. Sanctuary’s mission is to treat each client with all of the dignity and respect they deserve, created in the image of God. But the dream couldn’t become a reality without a team of therapists and support staff that shared the same vision.

I am beyond thankful for and supremely proud of the professionals that work alongside me and have for many years. They provide incredible, personalized service with their warm, friendly personalities. And are always anxious to stay on the cusp of knowledge in our industry.

I invite you to visit Sanctuary Spa to experience one of the services offered so you too, can realize the stress-relieving, physical and mental replenishing that results from regular spa treatments. You know you need it. Life is just so busy. You can’t continue to meet everyone else’s needs if you’re not taking time for yourself. Am I right?

When I’m not at the spa, I serve as an ambassador for Your CrossTalks, a Christian CEO peer advisory group. I enjoy studying nutrition and creating whole food plant-based meals, volunteering at a community garden and, with my husband, provide foster care respite.

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