Last Friday my husband sent me a picture of a kitten. He had been walking past a shed and heard her mewling. Joe told me it took him a while digging around in the shed to find her, and when he did, she was tangled in plastic orange construction fencing around both her neck and her feet. She had some scabs on her neck where it looked like momma cat had tried to free her before having to abandon her little one. We think she was around 3 weeks old at the time, so we’ve been bottle-feeding her around the clock.  


I’m usually pretty good with naming the pets around here, the geese; Elvis and Cash,

the chickens; Millie, Maisey, Stacey, Pearl, Ruby, Penny, and Amy Farah Fowler, and their rooster, Sheldon, the ducks; Liza, Zita, and Hook; the herd of hairless guinea pigs; Hettie, C.J., Carl, Roscoe, and Red, the cats; Hampton and Eva (though they were already named, as was the dog, Shadow). Whew,  maybe I’m suffering from burnout!


Anyway, it’s been exactly a week, and this little kitten still doesn’t have a name!  If you offer a suggestion that I end up choosing, I’ll treat you to a facial with our newest esthetician, Kelly!  I’m partial to Fiona, Madge, Precious, Princess, but nothing seems to stick! Please, will you help give this girl a name?

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