Replenish your reserves.
The demands of daily life drain our resources and deplete our reserves, and we need to refuel and renew ourselves. Our soothing, energizing body treatments will relieve your tension and aches, rejuvenate your spirit and leave you feeling ready to face the world with confidence.

Ultimate Body Renewal

The name says it all! We use our own Shea Butter and Brown Sugar Scrub to exfoliate the entire body, then envelope you in re-mineralizing seaweed wrap and finish with a warm Shea Butter application that will leave your entire body smooth, more toned, and glowing.

Hydrating Body Wrap

This aromatic treatment begins with body brushing to loosen dead skin and stimulate circulation. After we apply a personally chosen blend of essential oils and body butter, you are warmly wrapped to encourage relaxation, and will emerge from your treatment silky smooth.

Rejuvenating Back Treatment

Cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration for that hard to reach area. Great for dry skin, as well as those pesky breakouts. Essentially, a facial for your back!

Body Brushing Exfoliation


Shea Butter Sugar Scrub

Discover the naturally healing, skin softening benefits of Shea butter when blended with the more gentle exfoliating qualities of brown sugar. No shower is necessary, as we remove the scrub with warm, steam towels. You’ll feel soft and sweet all over!

Cellulite Treatment Add On

This revolutionary new firming body crème is formulated to fight skin laxity on a cellular level. EPPTM Complex (Enzyme PolypeptideTM Complex exclusively by Image) strengthens collagen fibers and reduces the volume of lipid cells and underlying tissue. Clinical studies by Plastic Surgeons showed tighter and firmer looking skin with a smooth hydrated surface. Reduces the appearance of skin irregularities.

FIR Sauna Session

for one $42

for two $52

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