Make The Investment In Your Skin Care!

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Everyone knows to clean your face each morning and night to remove makeup, dirt and sweat but to really invest in healthy skin, adding a few new steps will give your skin a radiant glow and the right products will reverse the signs of premature aging!
Humans are one of the few species of animals that cannot produce our own Vitamin C. Even with a healthy diet and lifestyle, the skin does not receive much of the Vitamin C that you ingest. Therefore, the best way to ensure your skin is receiving the optimal amount of Vitamin C is to apply it topically. Vitamin C is essential for the building of collagen in the skin, is one of the best natural antioxidants and is an excellent brightener. The form of Vitamin C used by glo therapeutics, water-based L-Ascorbic Acid, has been clinically-proven to penetrate into skin cells where it works to protect, repair and reverse damage.
Serums are the most important part of any skincare regimen. With a higher concentration of active ingredients and a smaller molecular size, serums are meant to work on specific issues/concerns and make dramatic change in the skin and should be applied after your Vitamin C.
To finish out your new routine, apply a moisturizing night cream like GloTherapuetics Conditioning Cream after your evening cleanse.Your esthetician can recommend the facial treatments and products you need to help you create the perfect skin care program for home.
Alter your eating Habits One of the best ways to get your skin, hair, and body back in shape is healthy food choices. A Nutrition Counselor can help you formulate a personalized diet plan to correct nutritional deficiencies and alleviate health symptoms. And don’t forget the water. For those of us who don’t love water, Pure Inventions has incredible water enhancements that offer powerful antioxidants and green tea extracts that taste delicious. A hydrated body is a beautiful body!

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