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Light therapy has been used for years by dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the form of high-level light therapy to destroy a targeted area using a light-heat transmission. The damage caused by those lasers triggers the skin’s healing process, thus regenerating the skin’s surface, a  process that is invasive, painful, and the healing can take months. Low-level light therapy was less successful due to low output and unpredictable wavelengths.  

That all changed in the late  1990s when scientists from NASA, led by Prof Harry Whelan, developed what was termed ‘NASA LED’, a much higher and stable output for higher intensities of Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, with more predictable results without the heat and damage to skin tissue.

We started incorporating low-level light therapy into our services with Celluma LED,  an FDA approved medical device created by NASA, using infrared and far-infrared light to affect different cell types at many different levels depending on which light is used, with fantastic results!  We offer three distinct, pain-free, non-invasive treatment options.  

  • Anti-aging:  The photons of low-level light produce collagen and elastin fibers that provide structural strength to your skin, hair, and nails.  You’ll notice firmer skin, fine line, and wrinkle reduction, more even skin tone with less discoloration caused by sun damage, and smaller pore size. It is the single most non-invasive, side effect free option to reverse the signs of aging skin.  Though not a quick fix as it works on a cellular level, and you will achieve the most dramatic results with a series of treatments, but the outcome is impressive!  
  • Acne: Low-level blue light therapy has been proven to kill the bacteria that cause acne, as well as inflammation that occurs with rosacea.
  • Pain relief and wound healing:  Healing inflammation of all types, LLLT is used to speed healing for muscle and joint injury and pain, diabetic wound healing, even some conditions caused by chemotherapy. 

Not all LED devices are created equal.  In order to be effective, they must have the correct wavelengths, the correct positioning, and the correct time exposure.  And all of these indicators must work together for optimum treatment.  There are many devices out there to purchase, also and I foresee a time in the very near future when every household will want access to an LED device based on the wide variety of conditions that can be treated, but do make sure that you choose an FDA cleared device or you could be wasting your money.  If owning your own Celluma LED is something you may be interested in, please feel free to email me personally at for options.

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