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Top 5 Reasons Eyelash Extensions Beat Out Mascara

Ever wonder what all the “eyelash extension” fuss is about? Do you wonder what is it about those little synthetic lash strands that has everyone in a lash craze? Maybe you’re thinking, “I’ve got a great mascara. It’s just as good.” Well, not quite. Eyelash extensions have a few lash legs up on their liquid eyelash enhancing counterparts. Here’s why:

5. Customized Just for You
You can’t create a cat eyed look, vary the curl of different lashes to add lift or choose exactly how long you want your lashes to be with mascara. Your Lash Stylist can do all this and more with eyelash extensions!
No Raccoon Eyes
Eyelash extensions won’t run, bleed, drip, etc., etc. You will be safe to swim, shower, cry, perspire, and not leave any telltale signs of mascara. Who hasn’t had one of those unfortunate black-eyed mascara incidents? (like me after hot yoga? Not cute, and never again!)
Easy Peasy Cleanup
You won’t have to go through an endless supply of cotton swabs trying to remove the waterproof mascara you used to prevent the previous issue.
2 Always On
At some point you have to (or at least you really, really ought to) take off your mascara. Not so with eyelash extensions. This is a 24-7, rain or shine, morning or night lash love affair. Mad dash to the store? You’re lashed. 5 am wakeup? Bat those beauties. Unforeseen zombie invasion? You look mahvelous, dahling!
And the NUMBER ONE REASON eyelash extensions trump mascara?
1. MORE!!!
Simply put, eyelash extensions just give you more. More length and more fullness than any mascara in the world could ever even dream of achieving. There’s a reason all those mascara ads use “lash inserts” (their discreet name for lash extensions, flairs or falsies. C’mon, you really think we believe your mascara does THAT?)! They want to show REALLY dramatic and high volume lashes – but they just can’t without a little help from their synthetic lash friends.



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