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The summer has quickly passed us by and maybe you or someone you know is anticipating the st art of school. After an indulgent few months of beach trips, picnics and lazy days, it’s time to start packing lunches, checking homework, and attending PTA meetings. This can be a crazy time of year for both parents and children. Here are some helpful tips to
smoothly transition your family back into the school year.

Get back on schedule.

Your family enjoyed t he freedom to eat , sleep and play all summer long. But, it’s time to get back on schedule for the
school year. An established schedule will make it much easier for everyone.

Shop away!

Once you have attended the School Orientation take those list s and start shopping. The first day of school is all about making a great first impression. Check out your child’s favorite magazines to see what’s trending in school wear this year. Help them look their best !

Get that skin in order!

We all know teenage skin problems can reduce self-esteem. Schedule an appointment for a facial and send your teen to
school looking and feeling great !

Mark your calendar.

Carefully read all the forms t he school provides so you know what is expected of you and your child t his year. Post important dates on t he family calendar hanging in t he kitchen or other common area. The best way t o st art this school year is by being prepared and being aware of school events.

Spend time with your family.

I f you manage your time efficiently, you can have all the shopping and other import ant t asks completed before the
start of school approaches. Gather your family on that last free weekend and enjoy a picnic in the park. Let the kids pick out their favorite movie for a movie and popcorn night . What ever t he activity may be, spend a day reveling in your family. Frenzied days of homework assignments, science projects and ball games are ahead!

And finally, make time for you! After taking care of everyone else, make an appointment for a relaxing spa treatment!

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