Are You A Football Widow?

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What to do on the weekends while your other half is watching football

Here we go again! Another football season to endure! But it doesn’t have to be that way this year. You have things you enjoy doing, right? Revamp the way you view football.
While he’s jumping up and down screaming at the television all weekend long, take the opportunity to do some things you like to do. Out of ideas? Here’s a list we compiled that will keep you busy from pre-season all the way to the Super Bowl! In fact, you may even be disappointed when football season ends!
• Go shopping. No need to be in a rush. The game could very well go into overtime. We promise…he’s too concerned with the score to worry about how much time you’re spending at the mall. So go ahead and hit up all the sales!

• Get in some gym time! Haven’t had time to take that spin class your friend has been telling you about? Go ahead and give it a shot.

• Take advantage of your free time and enjoy a picnic-for-one in the park! Make a day of it. You can even take a book to read. Sit back and relax. You deserve the “me” time!

• Sit outside and watch the sunset with your favorite glass of wine. Now that’s therapeutic!

• Have you ever taken a yoga class? The health benefits of yoga are numerous. And what a great way to relieve stress! Check your local listings for a yoga studio near you.

• Take the kids bowling! Some healthy competition with loved ones is good for the soul! And the kids will love it!

• Spend a day at the spa. Nothing beats a massage and a mani/pedi to take your worries away! Give us a call! We’re open all season long!

Are you missing him yet? Who knows? You may even decide to cozy up beside him and watch the rest of the 4th quarter with him one Sunday afternoon. He’s sure to think you’re pretty terrific for that!
But for the remainder of the season…have fun doing those extra little things you don’t usually get to do on the weekends. Don’t forget…a few extra visits to the spa will perk you up. We look forward to seeing you!

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