Aging With Attitude-Is the Fountain of Youth “All in Your Head”?

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Your mind is a powerful tool in coping with growing older.  Research has found that positive thoughts have an effect on almost every area of our lives.  Thinking positively is equated with drawing even more positive things into your life.

What does this have to do with aging? Studies are showing that the way we choose to think will have a direct impact on how we react to the changes of aging.

Following are a few ways that thinking positively can help as we age.

Resilience is a key factor in staying positive and aging gracefully. Everyone has setbacks, disappointments and unexpected life events; however, how an individual reacts to such events is key to keeping the mind, body, and spirit alive and active.

When you are resilient, you have the ability to take another look at things. When one door closes, you can see other opportunities and choices. Being resilient in your younger years equips you to face those changes that come (what seems like) fast and furiously in your older year.

Having a positive outlook, knowing that you lived your life as best as you could – mistakes and all – is a benefit for you as you age.

Having a positive mindset is something comes easily for some but, for others, however, it is a bit of a struggle. The good news is that being positive is something that you can learn, through practice and mindfulness. Starting a gratitude journal is a great first step!

Learning to have a positive outlook and making it a part of your nature helps you to face unexpected health issues, changes, and the losses that inevitably occur in later years.

Who would have thought that just thinking positively would have real health benefits? Studies show us that even smiling or listening to happy music may have an impact on our health.

The release of certain chemicals and endorphins to the brain can create a happier and healthier person!

Learning to be and stay positive is good for your health!

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