20 Self-Care Tips for 2020

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Welcome to the new decade! It’s time to make the twenties an upgrade on the teens (is that what we’re calling them??) and start putting ourselves first with a self-care routine that gives us the inner strength to deal with whatever the new decade brings.

It’s no secret that people who don’t give themselves the care that they provide to others will usually end up stressed and burned out. 

To stop this happening to you, develop an attitude of nurturing – take care of your mind, body, and soul every day, in small ways, and occasionally (but regularly) in more significant ways, as well. Self -care is non-negotiable these days, but you have to make an effort to make space for it. Here are a few ideas for things to do that rebalance, reenergize, and replenish.

Do something physically energizing

Make time for an activity that you enjoy, and you feel good doing, such as a series of stretches, Pilates or yoga, a run, a swim, or a walk in the park. Just get that activity up.

Stretch it out

Are you hunched over a desk or in a car for hours on end? The body doesn’t function at its best when static, so stretch it out. Find a set of effective stretches that stops your body feeling like it’s ten years older than it is. Your muscles will thank you for it. If you want to do even more for yourself, get a professional involved; book a massage!

Take a bath

It’s a self-care cliché but for a good reason. Shut the door, put some music on, and take a magazine or book in with you. Lie back and let the stresses of the day dissolve away into warm, sweet-smelling water.

Try a mini-meditation

Begin or end your day with just one minute of deep breathing while focusing your awareness onto your body, inner thoughts, and feelings. Use this exercise during the day when you feel stressed and need to take time out.

Be still

Find a quiet place outside, find somewhere comfortable to sit and be still. Pretend there’s nobody else around and focus on the quiet and stillness. 

Unplug just for a day

We always used to manage without social media and instant messaging, so just for a day, switch them all off and embrace a notification-free existence. It’s very freeing, and you may end up wanting to do it for even longer.

Write a Gratitude List

Focusing on all of the things that you’re thankful for will put a happy spring in your step. Start with a list of three and continue to add to your list each day.

Dance like nobody’s watching

They aren’t! Dancing is incredibly freeing, so play a few dance tunes or whatever makes you want to move and shake your booty.

Take a walk

Have you taken the time to explore the area you live? Walk around, slowly, and notice the details. Be in the moment while you “bathe in” nature.

Make an appointment with a counselor

Find someone non-judgemental to talk to about your innermost thoughts; It doesn’t have to be a therapist or psychologist; it could be a spiritual mentor.


Are you getting enough? We suspect not. Why not take a quick nap if you feel tired, or try an earlier bedtime give your body a bit more downtime?

Try something new

That thing you’ve always wanted to try? Do it.

Journal your thoughts

It only has to take you 10 minutes – get whatever is on your mind down in writing and out of your head. 

Spend quality time with people you love

Hanging out with the people you love most in the world is good for your soul. If they’re far away, give them a phone call.

Take a full day of rest every week

You deserve it, and your mind and body will thank you for it.

Practice being mindful

Pick an everyday activity, like laundry, and focus on it while you’re doing it. Savor the moment; it makes dull things much more absorbing if you’re prone to zoning out.

De-clutter your life

You don’t have to do it all at once, but decluttering is very therapeutic. Start with an email inbox, work up to your desk or a closet, feel the benefits of less clutter.

Make a personal mission statement

If you don’t have a personal mission statement, create one. Think about this year and what you want to do with it. Who do you want to be?

Enjoy a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine

Even better, have both while writing your mission statement. In the bath!

Book a massage or a spa treatment! 

We may have mentioned this before, but taking the time to invest in yourself is a supreme act of self-care, and we think you should indulge in it as often as you can.

Have a great 2020.

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